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Announcing a new SGA fanfic community

I've started a new fanfic community

sga_details_fic .  

I'm hoping everyone here will go and join and contribute in one way or another.  Posting won't open until July 11 after the U.S. Season 5 premiere, but you can join now and get even more excited for Search and Rescue.  Here's a brief summary of the community's purpose:

Have you ever wondered why Rodney’s first name is Meredith?  Or exactly how John learned Rodney’s computer password in the first place?  Then this is the community for you.  We believe the fic really is in the details and challenge all SGA fanfic writers to prove just that.   The concept is pretty simple:


1) Watch an SGA episode (I know, I know, rough assignment but you’ll muddle through somehow).
2) Find some small detail that comes out about a character or the city or anything really.
3) Use that as the inspiration/focal point of a fic.
4) Post that glorious creation here for all to read and enjoy.

That’s it!  It can be any length, any genre, anything you want as long as it’s based on a small detail in an ep, and the smaller the better.  For example, you might write a 10,000 word backstory on Rodney being lost in the mall as a kid from Miller’s Crossing, or maybe a slashy ficlet on John finding a sweater in his and Rodney’s closet twenty years in the future and realize it was just like the one the hologram had been wearing in The Last Man, or maybe that 500 page tome Rodney wrote about Elizabeth in Toa of Rodney was what finally made Liz realize she couldn’t live without him, or maybe you just want a nice teamy missing scene of Ronon watching Jaws for the first time like he referenced in Quarantine. 

Gen, slash, het… backstory, futurefic, canon, AU, tags, missing scenes… drabbles to novels… whatever floats your boat (and speaking of boats, was the one Rodney dreamed about in Doppelganger maybe just like the one his grandfather had when he was a kid?)  Your options are almost as endless as the details that come out in the episodes, although we do have few rules for posting.  More details are available at the community and thanks to

kodiak_bear for agreeing to help admin the site.


 Hope to see you there and please spread the word!

Tags: fan fiction, stargate atlantis

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