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Phase 2 of summer madness starts today

 All of hubby's family descends on us today... about 18 people in all.  Gah!  We have a cookout at our house today, hanging out and going to dinner tomorrow and breakfast on Sunday before most people start going their separate ways, although the last aren't leaving until Monday morning.  At least none are planning to stay at our house, although they are some of the least organized people I have ever met in my life (which is why *I* stepped in to make dinner reservations, set a plan, etc so we at least have some idea of when we are going to eat.) so having them spread across creation may not be a good thing after all.

Once they're gone, it's two more days of work then Robyn flies in and we're off to Comicon!  Squeeeeee!  Very much looking forward to that, although the lineup doesn't mention David Hewlett on the SGA panel (moan!) but Joe showed up unexpectedly so I'm hoping for a miracle surprise this year, too.  Some of Robyn's fans are taking her out to dinner after she has her signing on Friday, and the group keeps growing, so that's going to be a busy day.  They are evidently planning to show SGA that night, so I'll actually get to see it with a big group instead of at home on the DVR, so that should be totally cool  But I plan to have another Con report with *hopefully* lots of good photos again.  Needless to say, I'll be sparse for the next week or so, although I'm working frantically between house preparations to finish another comic/graphic novel I've been working on, so keep an eye out for that.

And don't forget those detail fics for sga_details_fic   .  We have a whole new episode to work with tonight!
Tags: fan fiction, real life

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