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Comicon Report- Part 1

Sorry I’m so late with this, but RL kicked my ass when I got home and I’ve just now had a chance to get to it. By now you’ve all probably read the other con report or watched the videos of the panels posted everywhere, so I’ll just post some photos and a few pertinent memories/info that I picked up from the various panels, etc, and personal experiences. Also, I apologize for the quality of the photos… I was having major camera problems. I’ll be posting in two parts since it’s pretty long.
Both of Robyn’s flights were late, which resulted in her arriving an hour and half late into Vegas. Fortunately her bags did arrive and we hit the road after grabbing a sandwich and few snacks for the trip. We arrived in San Diego around 6:30 and I figured I’d use the navigation feature on my Blackberry to guide us into the Convention Center as this is the only day we didn’t use the trolley system since the special line wasn’t running yet. The problem was that every time I’d tell it to use my current location as the starting point and the GPS locked on our location, then select the end point, then hand it to Robyn to read (all while I was driving) we’d pass the turn off it told us to take. After three times of this, I finally wised up and *pulled off* at an exit and we managed to find our way in. As usual, preview night was packed but we did get quite a bit of free loot and since Robyn had gotten us with free professional and guest badges, the line to register went pretty quick. We finally get back to my in-law’s place about 10 pm and discover that they’d changed the lock (they now live and Germany but keep the house for when they visit several time a year) because they had the kitchen redone a couple of months ago. So I have to call hubby, he has to call his brother to get the number of one of their friends who has a key to let us in. Fortunately, the friend only lived a few blocks away and we were inside in less than half an hour. Once I hauled a near comatose Robyn off the porch swing (she’d been up since 3:30 am eastern time) and we got her futon set up, etc, we both crashed pretty quick.
Dr. Who and Torchwood
We showed up to see Dr. Who and Torchwood panels and ended up sitting through Stan Lee and Grant Morrison. I have to say, Stan Lee is quite a character. I wouldn’t have stood in line just to see him, but he was a riot and made the time pass quickly. If only I had his confidence in my own work, I’d never doubt myself again. Dr. Who was just the writers/producers but they were hilarious. The new head writer Steven Moffet is just a huge Dr. Who fanboy who is living out his life dream. He had a great, dry sense of humor and took great joy in being able to simply say, Eh, it’s Dr. Who, I can just pass it off as a time paradox if it doesn’t make any sense. They showed a trailer from the Christmas special which involves Cybermen running around during Dickens-era England, so that should be fun whenever we get to see it here in the States.
Then Torchwood was up… John Barrowman (Jack), Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto), and Naoko Mori (Tosh). You know, John is as gregarious in person as Jack is on the show (and more so on Dr. Who) but Gareth is such a cutie in his casual clothes in person. And of course I couldn’t get a photo of John and Gareth getting ready to make out, dammit! But seeing as John’s partner was in attendance, he was probably on his best behavior… which is still pretty touchy feely. *G* It’s funny how I found Ianto kind of whiny and boring in the first season and really came to love him in Season 2. They added a lot of dry humor for him, which Gareth said they did because he is very much like that, and thank God! Naoko… sniffle… poor Tosh. They showed a series of clips from Season 2 and showed her death scene… bastards! John pointed out that was the second time Naoko had died in his arms because they were in Miss Saigon together many years ago and even sang a little bit from the show. I know this panel is out on the web, but the main thing was that Season 3 will be a five part miniseries with one large story arch. Oh, and John talked about finding out Jack is the Face of Boe. Evidently the set for the Tardis and the set of the Torchwood hub are literally back to back and David Tenant kept asking John if he had finished reading the scripts yet and John says he always waits until it is time to start filming a particular episode so he doesn’t have too much foreknowledge of what is going to happen. David kept asking every day and John was getting more and more irritated… No, David, not yet! Finally he read that section and Naoko said you could hear him squealing across the entire lot he was so excited and he went running to David’s trailer… Oh, my God! I read it! Oh, and Robyn saw Gareth on Sunday walking through the crowd on Sunday on his way to an autograph signing and promptly stalked... er, followed him through the crush of people. No one else seemed to notice him. But then he sat at the table and we were told we needed a ticket to even look at him much less approach. Ah, well, she should have just tackled him in the crowd.

The Torchwood Panel:


John Barrowman talks about finding out Capt. Jack has his own series.....

This show is my new secret love just because it’s so well done. Michael C. Clark (Dexter) and Julie Benz (Rita) were there. Again showed clips/trailer for upcoming season and here’s what we found out…

Dexter makes a big mistake (maybe, possibly, kills an innocent person) and it leads to all sorts of trouble. Jimmy Smits is joining the cast as a DA and the two of them bond (evidently he becomes Dexter’s first real friend). And Deborah, his sister, got a haircut. That’s really all I can remember. The 6CDEF room where this was held was really dark and all the photos I took in there came out really dark (same for SPN unfortunately…sigh)

Dexter Panel:

After Dexter we went to the Gas Lamp District and at Spanish food…. Yummmmm. Then caught the trolley and headed home for the night.
Friday was our totally busy day. It started with the three Stargate panels… SG1: Continuum, Stargate Worlds (the multiplayer game they were pushing like crazy and it doesn’t even come out until 2009) and SGA. I have to tell you, the Stargate booth was much more impressive this year with a life-sized stargate and Jaffa guarding it. But my beloved SGA seemed to be almost forgotten. At first I didn’t even see Atlantis mentioned on the booth but finally saw it down at the bottom behind the counter. All the loot was geared toward Stargate Worlds… t-shirts and dogtags and the only thing I ever saw them giving away related the Atlantis was the very last day and you could win action figures (I’d already bought my John and Rodney when we got there on Wednesday) One day they gave away copies of Continuum but only on Blue Ray. On Thursday they were giving away passes to a free screening of Continuum… you could win them by standing in front of the stargate and it would flash Stargate in big letters, or you could get a removable tattoo and they’d give them to you. They didn’t exactly explain where the screening was going to be and since I’d already preordered it and figured it was just in one of the rooms at the convention center, we decided to pass. Ends up it was shown on the deck of the Midway and all the SG panel members where there! Jeesh, if I’d known that, of course I would have got the stupid tattoo. 

Stargate Booth:

When we arrived at the convention center and went to get in line for Ballroom 20, the line went half way around the center and outside. And we were hoping like hell we’d get in. Ends up the lines are pretty misleading and by the time we got in we ended up sitting in the exact same spot we did last year, which was pretty close to the front. The entire massive line only filled about a third of the room.
Stargate Continuum
I’d have to say that Richard Dean Anderson was the highlight. He hadn’t done a con in a long, long, time and really seemed to be enjoying himself. Amanda Tapping sat next to him and kept reaching out and patting his back and it was obvious everyone was thrilled to be together again. At one point someone asked what was the most emotional scene they had ever done on the show and RDA said come back to me then stopped them and said, “Wait! There was the one where I saw my dead son again.” And he looked so proud that he had remembered it. Then a couple of them up there gave the title… Cold Lazarus and he just looked at them in wonder that they could remember those sorts of things, and he says, “Whatever. It had a kid and he died; that’s emotional.” Everyone is cracking up and he just keeps repeating, “the kid died, it was sad and emotional!   There was a kid and he died.”  Of course he also spent a lot of time talking about poop freezing in the Arctic.
But the truly emotional moment came when they did a little retrospective clip about Don S. Davis. All the original cast members were crying at the end. Christopher Judge had to turn away and Ben Browder who was sitting next to him was giving him a hug. Fortunately, the mood improved soon after and they were all smiling again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Christopher Judge has the most infectious smile. He told about having a role on 24 this season but recently being fired because he wasn’t black enough. Michael Shanks will be appearing in Burn Notice and SGA this season. Amanda Tapping, of course, has her new show Sanctuary. Beau Bridges is playing Earl’s dad on My Name is Earl. Richard Dean Anderson is busy doing the single dad thing and raising his daughter. And poor Ben Browder is looking for work. I kind of felt sorry for him since he didn’t have the history that the original cast members did so when they asked about favorite moments, etc, he didn’t have a lot to draw from.
They said they are definitely looking into making more movies and Brad Wright kept talking about how nice it was to work with the SG1 cast again after being on SGA, which once again, made me wonder at the lack of tact some of these guys have. I’m hopeful he didn’t mean it as negatively as it sounded for SGA and that it just came out wrong.

SG1 Panel:

Stargate Worlds
I’m not a gamer by any means but if you’re into the big massive multiplayer games, this one seems pretty neat. You can play on different worlds and the teams are set up with the SG1 standard… military, jaffa, technical scientist, archaeologist… and you can play any of them so if you don’t want to shoot ‘em up, you can solve problems to help the team, etc.
Stargate Atlantis
I know Sci Fi has this channel up in it’s entirety on their website, so I won’t go into too much detail, except to say that Woolsey grew on me by just seeing Picardo on the panel. I was terribly bummed David Hewlett wasn’t there, and since he wasn’t, the Sci Fi booth didn’t have a Rodney pin this year… just Sheppard, Keller, and Woolsey. It also just makes me look forward to The Shrine episode even more than I have been, especially when Brad Wright is saying that one of his favorite moments on the show was the scene between John and Rodney on the pier in that one. Of course it didn’t hurt when Joe looked abashed and said, “There was beer involved.” I also have to say that I at least came away with a positive feeling that we’ll get a season 6. Last year the Sci Fi programming VP was very doom and gloom… watch the show live if you want more. This year she was at least positive about it. So, fingers crossed.  They did show a trailer for Season 5, but, honestly, most of the clips were from eps that have already aired, so nothing new really came out of it.
You’ll notice in the photos that I may have…stressed Joe a little more than the others. It’s my LJ, my most beloved fandom, and I only had one half of my boys there this year. Besides, Joe was very cute with his little surfer necklace and bracelet and plaid shirt… much better than the white from last year.
After Atlantis, it was almost time for Robyn’s book signing, but first I had to stand in line to get Chris Carter’s and Frank Spotnitz’s autograph for a friend (and one for me, too, since my first fanfic was in X-files. *G*) Robyn’s signing went really well… people were already lined up waiting for her when we arrived and she had a steady run of them for the entire hour. We were supposed to meet up with some fans of hers that had organized a dinner for her at a Brazilian meat place but they never showed and we didn’t know where the restaurant was, so the people who had shown up for the dinner went with us to a Thai restaurant, which was nice and laid back. Then we headed back to the convention center to get back in line to see MST3K reunion and to watch the Eureka premiere and SGA. Once again, the line was massive and the room this time was tiny. We didn’t make it into MST3K and we were worried about the SciFi Friday lineup, especially considering they were showing a Joss Whedon blog musical right after it and that’s what everyone was in line for. They finally opened up two different rooms to also show the musical so lots of people got out of the one we were in and we got in. As I’m standing there in line, hubby calls and I ask him to confirm that no one was fooling with the DVR and that the cable box is tuned to SciFi. He says our daughter was watching Nick Jr. and I have him change the channel to take Dr. Who and SGA and he tells me we had a brown out and the clock isn’t set on the DVR. Now hubby knows nothing about how the set up works in our bedroom since that is my baby. So, there I am, standing in line, struggling to hear him while trying to talk him through the DVR setup and after 20 minutes, I think we have it. Ends up we didn’t since he set the time but didn’t change AM to PM and I ended up with Pythons 2 instead of Dr. Who and SGA. Moaaaan. But I was able to download Dr. Who and bought the SGA on Amazon for $1.99, so life was good again (plus hubby felt pretty guilty so I forgave him, as well).
We did end up making it in, they had several technical glitches and had to restart Eureka and SGA kept going black for a second at random moments. Still, it was fun to watch the ep in a room full of people then watch it again to catch the details that I had missed. It was after midnight before we got back to the house and we pretty much just collapsed and decided to sleep in a little the next morning.

Part 2:  Saturday and Sunday
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