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I am in need of major assistance...

Okay, I've been invited to trib to, not one, but two zines for Mediawest next May.  And since I actually won a Fan Q Award from there this year (*VBG* and thanks to everyone who voted for Mad Science!) I feel compelled to, you know, write something somewhat decent. *G*  The good news is that there is a big gap between deadlines for submittal of first drafts so I'm pretty sure I can pull it off.  The bad news is that the first one for the Brotherhood Zine is due the middle of September and it just dawned on me today that I really should, probably, start thinking about what I'm going to write... like a month ago.  

So, here I am, and while I keep getting ideas from various prompts for short ficlets (and, honestly, a lot of slash), the gen/team 10,000 to 15,000 word stories that I like to write for zines... well, those ideas just aren't coming.  Koschka and I were bouncing ideas off each other today for the first one and while we came up with something I'm pretty sure I can work with, I'm not totally in love with the idea.  So, I'm throwing it out to you guys to give me ideas... a premise, a thought, a setting, I'll take anything you can give me and try to run with it.  As an added bonus, if I use your idea, I'll let you have a "beta" peek at the story before I submit it so you'll get a chance to read it before the zine premier in May of 2009.  Both stories must be gen and can be either team or centered around John and Rodney friendship.  Of course, you guys know what I like to write... h/c, maybe a little action, a dash of humor... so I'm opening up the field!
Tags: fan fiction, stargate atlantis

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