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SGA Cancelled

You know, I will be the first to say that Stargate Atlantis isn't the best television show out there... it has plenty of flaws, but they are lovable flaws and it's fun and, when the writers remember that, it is hard to beat.  It's like all good comfort food... simple, easy to swallow, and it just makes you feel good.  It may not be fillet mignon in a port wine reduction, but sometimes you can't beat a cheese burger with all the fixings.  I don't think Sci Fi gave SGA all the chances it deserved and I don't feel the producers gave it a chance, period.  To hear the writers and producers talk about it in comparison to SG1, it was obvious they felt SGA wasn't up to par when in reality the character dynamics are better than what we'd seen on SG1 in over five years.  Over the run of SG1, the characters seemed to grow apart, whereas on SGA they just grow closer.  The last three seasons have just gotten better and better... the writing, character development, team interaction, hell the acting itself has improved.  Add to that the improved ratings and awards (won and nominated) and you would think TPTB would realize they had a solid show on their hands, especially in the sci fi genre.  Instead they decide to cancel it and make a few movies and play with their new toy Stargate Universe... not to mention ruin my entire fucking week right before the episode I've been waiting to see for months.  

I'm frustrated, disappointed, and, yes, pissed.  I started out as an SG1 fan and, admittedly, didn't really care for SGA when it first came on.  But then I saw The Defiant One during a minimarathon  during the midseason hiatus and John and Rodney hooked me and I've never looked back.  SG1 lost its glimmer a few years ago when RDA started limiting his appearances.  I love Ben Browder and Claudia Black but even they couldn't save the show, especially when they started the whole Ori storyline.  Mobius was the perfect ending point for SG1 and they kept going.  Maybe they're worried SGA will start that slow death, as well, but to me, it hasn't even reached its peak yet.  And what frustrates me most is that of all the things SGA did to make me happy, the best was that it inspired me to write. I have to admit that it scares me a little bit to think that part of my life might come to an end with the series because no other show in the past five years has inspired me to write and I'm not seeing anything promising on the horizon.  As much as I'll miss my team love and John and Rodney snark and the fun I have on Friday nights with them, it's getting hit by a story idea that eats me up until I start typing that I think I'll miss most of all.  And the worst part is that I can't see any really good reason why.
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