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One of the main reasons I'll miss SGA...

 My baby girl started kindergarten today and her brother started third grade.  Hubby took her this morning and she was asking how long she would have to stay and was it longer than 30 minutes and a little clingy but then she saw a friend she had in daycare and ran off to play with her and  when she came home she was talking about how she was learning about respect and making new friends.  And I'm thinking, my baby is growing up and look how mature she is for a five year old!  Then she gives the phone back to my hubby and he's telling me how he gave her the funky German cone of goodies that's traditional for kindergartners on their first day of school and she's walking around in it like it's a peg leg, and I remember, well, she is still only five.   

Of course, it's things like this that remind me... I'm getting older.  I mean, yes, the whole turning 40 thing a few months ago definitely clued me into that fact, as well.  But me getting older doesn't hit the same way as my kids getting older.  And this is one of the reasons I'm so frustrated about hearing about the whole Stargate Universe wanting to draw in a younger demographic.  The thing is, I like my demographic and I like seeing my demographic on screen.  It was just a couple of weeks ago that I was telling my husband that one of my favorite things about SGA is that John and Rodney are my age.  More than that, I love that Joe and David are parents of young children and that they have both cracked that forty year old boundary.  As corny as this sounds, and believe me, I know it does, it makes me feel a connection with them as actors and characters that I just don't have with twenty-somethings.  And it's also why I enjoy writing them.  As much as I enjoy watching Supernatural, I really struggle writing Sam and Dean because they are so much younger than me.  And even though I might end up enjoying Stargate Universe whenever it finally airs, I don't think I'll be able to relate to the characters and feel connected like I do with John and Rodney. It feels like some good friends are moving away and as much as you say you'll keep in touch, you know it won't be the same as seeing them every week.  And that's why I'll really miss SGA. 
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