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Quick drive-by comments about First Contact

Just a few things that made me smile about this episode....

1. Daniel's glasses.  It's only taken, what?  Twelve years to get a decent pair of glasses for the man.  But they were well worth the wait.

2. Rodney's recent run of foul language.  In the past two eps he's said shit (although it was cut off), hell, and son of a bitch!  If you read my fics, you know I believe the boys can be real potty mouths.  And I love being proved right. *G*

3.  Todd.  Enough said. (For that matter, dignitary Woolsey, smartass Caldwell and Radek with powertools)

4.  John just not being all that bright in this one.  I mean there was the MENSA comment and Radek having to dumb things down for him, but there's just something endearing about John when he still doesn't know exactly how things work on Atlantis (like the coms being linked directly into his room) because we all have those moments where we *should* know something but just took it for granted or didn't take the time to learn things about the house we've lived in for years or the company we've worked for for ages.  And that whole scene makes me smile because it seemed like John fell asleep reading his book while he waited for someone (cough, cough, Rodney) to show up in his room and not the least bit concerned with hearing a male voice... until he opened his eyes and didn't see him standing there.

5.  The way Teyla simply says, "Rodney," when John dreadfully asks what's at the bottom of the tower... because, really, you know it was just a rhetorical question and he was already thinking the same thing.  It's not the valuable secret lab, it's not even Rodney *and* Dr. Jackson.  Teyla's number one concern is Rodney... her teammate and family and God, I *love* team love.  On top of that is the expressions on John and Teyla's faces when Radek asks if the intruders really had taken Rodney and Daniel. 

6. John and  Rodney figuring things out about the subspace transponder the same way at the same time on opposite sides of the galaxy.  They're finishing each other's sentences even when they aren't on the same planet.  How fucking adorable is that?

7. Rodney learning from his mistakes.  Dorando evidently did leave a lasting impression on him and made him at least hesitant to turn on the machine.

Not an all inclusive list, and it wasn't a perfect ep, but these few little tidbits did make me happy.

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