liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

I just realized something...

I was updating my master fic list because I was behind on doing that, and after a quick count, I realized that I am currently working on my 99th SGA fic (if I include my cowritten fics with Koschka and my graphic novels.)  That just... boggles me.  If someone had asked me how many I'd written I would have said about half that many.  Of course, I can't post the one I'm working on until the end of December because it's for a secret santa exchange, so there will probably be a couple more posted before it is.  Oh, crap!  I just remembered I have a zine fic that is in editing so that means this secret santa fic is my 100th fic in SGA. 

Tags: fan fiction, stargate atlantis

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