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Pissy post regarding Brain Storm

I really was willing to give this ep a chance.  I really really was willing despite the McKeller aspects because I love Dave Folley and all the other geeks running around but...

 Let's not even touch on the whole complete and total *lack* of chemistry between Rodney and Jennifer because that was bad enough and I've bitched about that enough in the whole concept of a McKay Keller romance.  But here a few things that really puts this up at the top of my list of episodes I can't stand (right up there with Travelers and Sanctuary).

1.  The geeks picking on Rodney. The bickering was fine, it was the constant Rodney is a whiny loser attitude that they had toward him and because of what Rodney does, he couldn't defend himself.  And Keller never once stepped in to defend him.

2.  Keller telling Rodney to sit down when he tried to stop them from turning on the gate bridge.  Surely she knows what happened the last time they turned on the bridge.  Maybe then was not the time to argue about who came up with the idea but it sure as shit was the proper time to stand up and say this is dangerous, don't do it.

3.  Rodney is the only one who can wield and axe against a door?????  The only one out of all those people just standing around out there who could take up a fucking axe and bash a hole in the door????  That has to be the worst plot device set up for a rescue of the damsel in distress that I have *ever* seen.

4.  CPR on a hypothermic victim???? Come on!

5.  Okay, I know I said I wouldn't talk about this, but, yes, there is no chemistry between them and what is up with people falling in love with each other and confessing said love before they even go out on a goddamn date or on the first goddamn date?????

I just... I have to go take nice hot bubble bath, drink a glass of wine, and get good and drunk and dream happy John and  Rodney dreams before my head explodes.

Tags: stargate atlantis

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