liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

I managed to get quite a bit done today...

Hubby and I went Christmas shopping today and managed to buy almost all of his family's presents (2 left!) and the majority of the kids santa items and a couple for my family, too.  Now if only *he* would give me some ideas for what to buy him.  Sigh.  And we managed to do it all in 2 hours and a little time online.

After that, I had my first mammogram.  Hubby insisted on going with me.  I'm not really sure if he thought he'd get to watch or something, but he remained in the waiting room while the technician smashed my double D's as flat as she could make them go... which was actually rather impressively, and painfully, flat.  Of course, it took her about 6 tries on each breast.  Gah!  But with one of my good friends just finishing up her final radiation treatment less than a month ago following a successful fight against breast cancer, I was more than happy to let her do what she needed to get the images she needed.

With that done, hubby and I went to grab lunch at a Japanese place near our house.  I'm thinking they must use MSG, because I was sick within an hour of eating.  Blech!  But it gave me an excuse to lay around in bed and finally make a couple of Christmas icons.  And that just put me in the mood to post my Sheppard h/c secret santa fic.  But alas, I can't do that until December 24.  I have been working on the second zine fic a little this past week... finally.  I decided to put this one on Earth with the entire team on a road trip that, of course, doesn't go as planned.  And I hope to get at least one fic finished for the amenesty over at sga-flashfic. 

So, aside from a few frantic bolts to the bathroom from the tuna poke salad, it was a pretty good day.
Tags: fan fiction, real life

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