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Amazon is currently the bane of my existence.

Last weekend I placed a large order at Amazon for Christmas presents... cook books, barbie cruise ship, and six DVDs (Wall-E, Prince Caspian, Clone Wars, Dark Knight, and 2 copies of My Neighbor Totoro).  Shipping information said the barbie boat was shipping immediately and Dark Knight would ship the 15th since it was  preorder and everything else wasn't going to ship until December 22.   December 22???? WTF????  I really needed the Totoro DVDs for this weekend for gifts and then I realized I had only ordered 1 copy of the cookbook instead of 4.  So, I went back and deleted the Totoro DVDs and reordered them along with the three additional cook books and I'm told this shipment will ship around December 5th.  So, today the boat arrives, then the Dark Knight arrives.  I finally go back in to see why the others are going to ship so late.  Ends up it's Prince Caspian that is holding the entire shipment up for all the other DVDs and the one book.  The only reason I ordered that movie was because if I bought it with Wall E, I could get them both for $21 instead of $15 each.  I really need Wall-E and Clone Wars for Christmas for the kids so I take the option of paying standard shipping of Prince Caspian in order to get the others shipped out sooner (I had free super saver shipping.)  As soon as I did that, the price of the two movies went up to $15!  I understand that if you get the free shipping, they want to limit the numbers of shipments.  But why, if they planned to ship Dark Knight separately, didn't they just stick those other three DVDS that were in stock in with *that* shipment?  It's still two shipments!  Now they have 3!  Hell, now they have to ship 5 shipments!  And why did raise the price of the DVDs when I'm still buying them on the same order?  Then to top it all off, I get an email today from them saying that my nephews birthday present has been delayed in its shipment.... I bought it over a month ago!  I thought it had been shipped weeks ago and today I find out it won't ship until this week!  I swear I've never had so much trouble with Amazon in my life.
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