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Fic Summary 2008

Okay, so everyone else is doing those fic round up memes, so I figured I might as well do one, too. Here it is, the liketheriver 2008 fanfic summary.


Fics Posted: 31

Fics Published in Zines: 1

Total Word Count: ~257,800

Comics Written: 2

So, here's my opinion on the fics I wrote this past year.... 

Best Written FicSlither. Okay, technically, I wrote this in….hmmmm, 2006 for a zine published in 2007, but it was posted online in 2008 and I think it’s one of my best fics I’ve ever written. It’s also the very first solo slash fic I wrote, so it holds a special place in my heart for that reason alone.

Most Romantic Fic: Again, that would have to be Slither because that’s really what that fic was… pure romance with h/c, ust, angst, and snark thrown in. Runner up is On the Brink, even though it is preslash.

Hottest Sex Scene: Definitely Maintaining Control, which was really tame in comparison to a lot of porn out there, but for me, it was the most graphic I’d ever written. Runner up would probably be Slither.

Most Fun to Write: Of course, my comics, A Mother’s Love and That Which Does Not Kill Us are always tons of fun, but for true fic it has to be Don Juan McKay and Other Universal Improbabilities. How can you not have fun writing a purely gen fic in which John and Rodney get married? But more than that, creating the characters and legends of Al’amenda was tons of fun, too. Runner up for most fun would be Supplemental Education because the boys teaching Torren to curse brought up so many memories from my own life.

The Fic I was Surprised by How Much People Liked It: Thanks For the Memories. I mean, yes, I’m fond of it, too, but it was probably the most popular fic I wrote this year. Runner up would be Sibling Rivalry. People found it much funnier that I ever thought they would.

The Fic I Loved and Readers Really Didn’t Seem to Care ForRules of Engagement. This one was pure h/c and McShep love that just made me happy and had the fewest comments on any fic I wrote this year. Runner up would be Battle of Canaan’s Bluff. Yes it was a pure AU western and yes it was told from Canaan/Kanaan’s POV and yes it was written in a highly accented voice and I think any of those would have turned off readers, but for some reason I really loved it and wouldn’t have changed any of those things.

The One I Really Want to Eventually Write a Sequel ToNever Wanted to Dance (With Nobody but You) Gen fic that is just dying for a slashy follow up.

The WTF??? Fic of the YearLove Among the Inanimate. Because I don’t write crack, I really, really don’t, and yet I wrote John/Rodney as a power cord and a surge protector having sex. And yet, somehow, it worked for me. Runner up would have to be Three Wishes because I don’t write genderswitch either... although this is not your normal genderswitch by any means.

Best Original Character: I really enjoyed creating Major Slater in Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda but I think the most well rounded were the OCs in Don Juan McKay and Other Universal Improbabilities.

Best John CharacterizationThanks for the Memories… John POV following his return after the Last Man.

Best Rodney Characterization: This was a hard one, but I think I settled on Slither yet again. But maybe Requisite Items… or Don Juan McKay… or Mad Science…Hell, I really don’t know. No! Wait! The Geek’s and Goon’s Guide the Baby and Child Care….Rodney with an egg on in a baby carrier on his chest! Sure, it’s a likethekoschka fic, but I write the Rodney sections, so it counts!  That’s my final answer.

Best Teyla CharacterizationOther Worlds… Teyla POV during Prodigal.

Best Ronon Characterization: Another hard one but I think it could be I’ll Take You Dreaming because I love his tough love scene with John near the end.

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