liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

LJ Help!

Okay, I'm going nuts.  Whenever I go in to edit a post in the rich text setting, all I get is a blank screen.  HTML mode I can see fine.  But Rich Text just shows the outline of the editing screen with no tool bar, no text, nothing.  *AND* this only happens on my laptop.  Other computers are just fine.  *AND* it just started this week.  Before that, no problem.  Seeing as I typically prefer to use my laptop as it's portable and I can do things while watching tv with the kids, etc., it's like trying to work with one hand tied behind my back.  I can enter a post no problem but I can't go back and edit it.  The computer tells me the page is loaded but with errors but I can't see any errors.

Does anyone have any ideas what the hell is going on?????

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