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Various pimpage for upcoming SGA fic in May

The sga_genficathongoes live on May 1, and if the mods do like last year, it means fic will begin posting at 12:01 am, May 1... which is just a few hours away. I do have a fic in the ficathon, but you'll have to wait until the week of anonymous posting is complete to know which one is mine. The fun part of the anonymous posting is that you get to try to guess the authors after each genre is posted. The schedule of posting is below, so you've got a week of great fic to look forward to!

Saturday: AU
Sunday: Supporting Character Appreciation Day
Monday: Friendship
Tuesday: Angst
Wednesday: Team
Thursday: Humor

In addition to the ficathon, the Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6 is set to debut on May 7 with new eps posted the 7th of every month.  I'm set to write episode 3 (I'm a little over halfway done!) so mine will be posted in July, but you'll have 2 great eps before mine to read and enjoy then many more afterward.  I'm actually not sure if the website is open to those not involved with the VS at this point, but I will post the official link when the site goes live in a week.

Between these two fics, I've been loaded down, but don't worry, Marla, as soon as the VS fic is done in a few weeks, I'll be starting on yours. *G*

In the meantime, go out and read some great gen fic!

Oh, geez, I almost forgot the zine that is coming out this month!  Brotherhood 7 will be available at MediaWest and mail order starting in early May.  It's a multifandom zine but has several SGA and SG1 fics in it, including my fic Going Dutch.  Details can be found here:  Brotherhood 7  and this year they're letting us post a little snippet to entice potential buyers.  So you can find that behind the cut.

Going Dutch Excerpt

"I’m sure Dr. McKay can look into that." I frown at Sheppard’s comment and pause in my reach for the item so that John takes it from our teammate’s hand instead. "We’ll make sure Dr. Keller gets it."

"Hey!" I complain instantly, but my demand for him to hand it over vanishes when the cube turns instantly into a pile of dust in his palm and then quickly dissolves into his flesh. "What the hell?"

I’m apparently not the only one thinking that given the wide-eyed response from everyone present.

"Where did it go?" Ronon demands.

At the same time, Teyla asks in worry, "Did your skin just absorb the material?"

"McKay?" The tension in John’s voice is obvious as he takes two steps back and shakes his hand as if the cube will miraculously reappear. "What just happened?"

"I don’t know!" I admit, snapping at Ronon when he starts to grab Sheppard’s wrist to get a closer look. "And for God’s sake don’t touch him! For all we know this is how they got infected in the first place."

My supposition has everyone frozen in their tracks, except for Sheppard who takes another step back away from us.

"Well… hell… that’s just fucking great," he observes with another shake of his hand.

Teyla is standing beside me, staring anxiously at John. "How do we get it out of him?"

"I don’t know!" I repeat, rubbing at my forehead. "Just give me a second to think."

"I’m getting Keller," Ronon announces, already halfway in the house.

I point a finger at the leather-clad back disappearing through the doorway even as I wrack my brain desperately for an answer. "Good idea. She can… can…" Oh, hell what can she do? "Get you started on the antibiotics! Yeah, she can do that, and hopefully it will stop the infection before it can get a foothold."

"Look," John tries to reason, and I’m pretty sure, calm himself as much as the rest of us. "We don’t even know for sure that this… thing infected me. It could be doing good stuff inside me."

"Yes, because we’ve had so much luck with Ancient devices doing good things to us, especially ones that invade our bodies!" It’s as I’m waving my arms and jabbing an accusatory finger at Sheppard’s hand that it hits me. "Oh, Christ. The material was just like the Replicator base metal that I used to build F.R.A.N. Those are Replicator nanites in you."

Sheppard’s mouth is set in a tight line as he flexes his fingers, and Fara finally speaks up. "I had no idea… it did nothing when Darik handled them in the laboratory, or when I brought it here…"

"This," I announce angrily, "is why inexperienced people should not touch things they know nothing about."

"It’s not her fault, McKay," Sheppard starts.

I turn and snap at him, "That goes for you, too. Doubly so since you, of all people, should know better."

"You were going to pick it up yourself!" he justifies, hand still held out before him as if it might explode any second.

Hell, for all I know, it just might.

"Don’t try to change the subject. I’m an expert in the field of Ancient technology. I know how to handle these things."

"All I did was pick it up!" John defends.

"It does beg the question as to why it was absorbed by John but not by me." Teyla’s observation has me frowning, and she suggests, "Perhaps it has to do with the ATA gene."

"Unlikely," I dismiss with a shake of my head. "Fara has the gene, and it stayed solid in her hand."

"Then why me?"

Sheppard’s question has me throwing my arms up. "Maybe Teyla’s right, but it only responds to the natural gene. Maybe it’s random. Maybe it’s an alien entity that’s just curious to find out how your hair stands up like that."

"McKay…" John grinds out in warning.

"I don’t know!" I declare yet again.

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