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Iz Totally Bummed...

So, Robyn and I have our 4 day passes for Comicon, which was remarkably easy for us this year since she got a professional membership last year (and I was her guest) and it was automatically renewed this year.  Basically, all she had to do was reply that yes she wanted to attend as a professional with her cheap ass friend, and boom!  we're in.  Unfortunately, I had two other friends that I wanted to bring with us this year.... my best friend from high school and another friend from work.  I kept telling them they needed to buy their 4 days passes, but as long as they bought them by March, they should be good to go. 

Well, they waited for one reason or another, but did go to buy them in March and the 4 day passes were sold out because Saturday was sold out.  As one will be traveling cross country, not having tix for one day made the trip questionable.  After several options including volunteering for  Saturday were discussed, my friend from high school decided to apply for a professional membership.  She has worked as the producer on a couple of independent horror/scifi movies and about to start on another and given the guidelines, it seemed like she had a pretty good shot at it.  Plus, she would get to bring a friend for free which meant both of them would save $75.  Well, she just found out that her application was rejected because they had over 10,000 new aps for professional memberships and they had to limit those to people who were directly tied to the comic industry.  Since her movies were horror/sci fi, it was a no go.  

Finally we decided they would buy Thursday, Friday, and Sunday tickets and we'd do something about Saturday (swap out the badges during the day to give everyone a chance or something).  But now, because Comicon took months to get back to let her know her application was rejected, Friday is also sold out and there are no more volunteer positions. GRRRRRR.  Now, Robyn and I will have a great time just the two of us like we have the past two years, but we were all really looking forward to having a geeky girls weekend and introducing two newbies to the joys of Comicon. That it pretty much shot to hell and I'm totally bummed about the whole thing.  Sigh.  And I'm definitely having a hind sight is 20/20 moment on what we should have done about buying tickets and then requesting a refund if they had swung the professional membership.  I guess next year we'll know to buy the tix super early.  
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