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My husband has left me for leather clad men

Here's the deal...

My dear husband and love of my life for the past 16 years has always had a thing for wearing leather.  When we met and he was 19 years old, he would wear-shin high Doc Martins, shorts to his knees, a Social D t-shirt, black leather jacket, backwards baseball cap, and black wrap around sunglasses and he was HOTTTTTT!  Muscular, blue eyes, blond hair that he wore short in the back but long on top so it curled naturally, and this sexy little gap between his front teeth.  He's a southern California native, skater boy, listened to old school punk as well as the Chili Peppers (before they sold out) and Beasty Boys and Rage Against the Machine.  He's an artist whose art talked a great deal about the portrayal of women in our society and he was often accused of being sexist in his art because of the use of scantly clad women... all of which, he liked to point out, came from the pages of the most popular "women's magazines" out there.

Two kids later, he's now teaching art at the University instead of taking the classes.  He still listens to punk and Social D and Rage was blasting in his studio last night.  His art has changed slightly but he still has the women, often now in more politically charged settings, but he has a long board that he uses to skate from his parking spot to his classes.  He wears his hair in a near buzz cut now, so no more curls to run my fingers through and he chipped his tooth so bad in a mosh pit several years back that they finally fixed it and filled in the gap.  But both kids have the gap so I can still see his old smile when they do.

But the leather... sigh.  Yes, he still has that black leather jacket that he breaks out now and again, but now more often it's full leathers, a floppy hat, moccasins, and a muzzle loader.  Yes, my sexy little skater boy has grown up into a mountain man.  And I ask myself time and time again how did this happen?  If you met him, talked to him, saw his art work, listened to his music, hell, saw the set of skull and crossbones stickers on his car, you would never in a million years think he would go off with a wicker pack on his back and snow shoes on his feet for a week at a time to go beaver trapping in the snow-covered mountains of northern Nevada.

He became interested in muzzle loading several years back when we went to visit my family in Tennessee.  My step-dad had one and he was just fascinated with it (hubby's a big gun fan, too, btw).  Not long after that, he bought one.  Then he started researching muzzle loading groups and found one locally.  Then he started going to their shoots.  Next thing I know he's buying Elk skin leathers on e-bay, *sewing* his own capote (mt. man for heavy ass wool coat made from a blanket), buying primitive camping gear, and disappearing every month of so for a long weekend to go camp out with a bunch of other guys that do the same.

This weekend is a rendezvous up in Utah, so me and the kids have left to hold down the fort while hubby goes off into the wilds with his tomahawk, bow, and throwing knife and a bunch of other men that do the same... 

I shit you not.
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