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A Huge Mucho Thank You!

I'll be the first to admit that for the past six months or so, I've become...shall we say disillusioned with the SGA fandom as a whole.  It seems people are much more interested in bitching about TPTB, the cancellation of SGA, the upcoming season of SGU, and several rumors/spoilers/whatever about the plot/characters/whatever of SGU than reading fanfic. And while I whole heartedly agree with just about everything everyone is voicing, it's just turned into a major downer and hasn't accomplished much more than wanting me to hide away from the whole ordeal instead of remembering and celebrating why we're so upset in the first place.... because SGA was tons of fun with wonderful characters that I want to live on one way or another.

Which was why it makes the good news I was met with today all that much more wonderful, in my opinion.  The winners of the SGA Fan Awards were announced and four out of five of my fics won!  To say that I am shocked and flabbergasted by that news is an understatement, and those of you who felt I deserved to win, especially when I see the company of brilliant writers who were nominated in the same categories... well, I'm not sure if caplocks can express the THANK YOU! I want to send out to all of you who nominated and/or voted for the fics.  But I'll try anyway.


More than that, it reminds me of why I started writing fanfiction.  And no, it wasn't to win award, although that is definitely a wonderful perk. *G* It's because we all fell in love with a show and characters and wanted to expand on that love by writing and reading fic.  I just hope, for a little while, people will remember that and peruse the list of winners and nominees and enjoy some wonderful fic.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees out there and thanks for keeping the SGA world alive!

The link to the awards site can be found HERE.
Tags: fan fiction, stargate atlantis

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