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Fic notices and friday night lineup and alcohol tolerance

FYI, cabin fever fic is being beta'd but I'll post the next section as soon as it's ready.  As I was posting my response to the latest

sga_flashfic challenge, I realized  that I didn't post a link to the last fic I posted there either.  So here's the links to both with the info you need.

Title: Connect the Dots
Category: Gen, Angst.  Return Challenge
Word Count: ~5200
Rating: T (but that might be a bit conservative)
Pairings: None
Characters: Teyla with the expedition and Athosians 
Warnings: None
Spoilers: The Return and maybe a slight one for Sanctuary
Summary:  Teyla Emmagan had always considered herself an Athosian, but for two and a half years she had been something more, and no matter how much she grounded herself in her Athosian heritage, she knew that alone would always seem a little less than it had before.

Title: Healing Scars
Category: Slash, Angst. Scars Challenge
Word Count: ~1400
Pairings: John and Rodney
Characters: John and Rodney
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Pretty much any episode that the boys received a scar plus Tao of Rodney and Irresponsible 
A/N:  Special thanks to Koschka for the beta.
Summary: Sometimes scars don't need healing.  Sometimes they lead to a healing of their own.

Meanwhile, I am still walking about two feet off the ground after the line up of shows I got to watch Friday night.
Heroes repeat of Five Years Gone on Sci Fi channel:  This was the second time I've watched this ep in one week and I keep going back and forth about whether I liked this ep better than Company Man or not but both of them just blew me away.  The scene between future Hiro and Andu would have made it worth while no matter what else happened but a kick ass Hiro with a sword... God, that just made my night.  Not to mention the truth behind Isaac's painting of Nathan in the Oval Office, Claire's dad and what he was doing, Peter finally getting over the whiny ass stage.  Just... wow!

SG-1 The Shroud:  I have to admit that I've become rather bored with SG-1 over the past couple of years.  It's almost gotten to the point that I have to watch it just because... well, it's SG-1 and it's the final season.  But Jack and Daniel being Jack and Daniel together for the first time in years. **melancholy sigh**  It makes me miss the old days all the more.

SGA  Tao of Rodney:  OMG!!!! Fangirl SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  Every happy thought I've ever had about the characters came to fruition in that episode.  Just... Ronon and Radek and Carson and John and Rodney and John and Rodney.  'nuff said.

And then to top it off, they were playing all the Cheese episodes of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends on cartoon network so I got to top of the evening giggling like an idiot with my son over flaming bunnies painted on the side of soap box hot rod.

So all around top notch night!

Then last night we went to our neighbors Cinqo de Maio party.  Lots of good food and good company and one of their friends is a bartender who was making dessert shots for everyone.  

I started the evening with a shot of Cuervo then John started making the dessert shots.  Now, I've never tried any of these things before, but let me tell you.... Yummmmmm.  I had an oatmeal cookie, two pineapple upside down cakes, and a chocolate cake.  The first two I could understand how they could taste just like their namesakes, but how in the hell Franjelica, lemon vodka, and a wedge of sugared lemon can taste like *chocolate* cake is just beyond me.  But it honest to God does. 

But what's even stranger is that after all those shots, I didn't even have so much as a buzz going.  I was almost disappointed because, a) hubby got good and snockered at his sister's birthday dinner the other night at the Haufbrauhouse (and believe me, I was nowhere near drunk enough to handle that place.  Gah!) so I got stuck watching the kids while he floated in happy fuzz of beer foam and I figured turn about was fair play.  And b) I was hoping to at least have enough of a buzz that I would sleep hard last night.  Nope.  I wasn't even sleepy when I brought our daughter home after she passed out around 10:30 in my lap.

So, long story short, they were most tasty but did little on the inebriation front.



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