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TwitterFics and the Like

Download of daily tweets from my Twitter account @liketheriver1. Fridays are Twitter Fic Friday!

22:21 Just toasted in the New Year with Bailey's in dark chocolate cordial cups. Great way to start the decade! Happy 2010 to you all! #

06:23 Twitfic:John wakes to fire in his chest, the taste of pennies in his mouth, and the world upsidedown. There had been guards on the gate, gun #

06:24 play, now a view of Ronon's ass. P90s fire-he sees Teyla's boot. Rodney? "Go!"McKay yells. The scene turns liquid blue then drowns in black. #

07:32 Via @Rob_Thurman you can't end it there!//Didn't have enough space to add TBC. *G* #

07:36 Via @sgflutegirl I had some Bailey's earlier. Nothing fancy though.//A tiny dark chocolate cup you can eat with it just makes it even better #

10:20 Via @Twit4Flan Your tweets are like crack!I want to read whole story/Thnx!Same storyline of past weeks. Just seeing it 280 char @ a time *G* #

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