liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

TwitterFics and the Like

Download of daily tweets from my Twitter account @liketheriver1. Fridays are Twitter Fic Friday!

07:17 Tried my hand at Sherlock Holmes movie ficlet for @rob_thurman. Can be found here at my LJ #

07:20 Twitfic:Vigil-it's a tired, lonely word Rodney can feel in his bones sitting outside the infirmary awaiting news on John. Then Ronon returns #

07:21 from showering away remnants of blood, next Teyla after Torren is asleep for the night. Solitude turn to team as the minutes turn to hours. #

09:17 Via @jane_connor Oh, the last sentence is so so great. Thank you!/// no,no, thank you! I <3 team! #

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