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Twitter Fics Master File

In an effort to keep everything neat and tidy in my life (yeah, right), I've collected all my twitterfics here in one place.  That way, if you have a hankering to go back and find one you liked or missed, or I want to do the same, we all know where they are.  I'll do my best to keep them fairly up to date.  A permanent link is also up at the top of my LJ with my master fic list.


Master Twitter Fic list. 

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1. Twitfic Fri: There are times when John runs that the warm glow of Atlantis gives way to a sky bleached pale by an Afghan sun. So he stops, closes eyes, bends til his body mimics the archways above, digs feet into a memory of bloodred sand and pushes toward the potential of home.

2. Twitfic: McKay was never meant to be a soldier, but he slams a 9mm clip home with, "Lock 'n load, people!" John's always felt responsible for McKay's life. Now he feels he owns the path of that life too. His saving grace is McKay still sounds like a dork when he says that shit.

3. Twitfic: Rodney doesn't know the names of the dead in Atlantis black. Bullets are still flying and all he thinks is, not me, not my team.  But John knows the names. Sheppard checks his gun. Voice dust, he rallies his men. "We'll mourn later." McKay wonders when later will come.

4. Twitfic "I'm just saying-" "Don't" "It's a valid-" "No. It's not." Teyla knows not what her teammates are arguing as they search the base but given their passion, it must be important. "Fine," Rodney sighs, "Eartha Kitt?" John pauses. "Okay, good point." Teyla rolls her eyes.

5. Twitfic: There's no light, little water, less food. There's binding chains, cold stone walls, bruises. There's always bruises. Why is that? Less bruises, more food is a much better plan. But after 3 days there's still hope; there's his team. They'll come. They will...and they do.

6.Twitfic: Ronon shakes off sea to soak in sun. McKay shades his eyes to watch John ride the surf and snubs the laptop nearby. Torren places shells, stones, and twigs that Teyla admires like stanzas of poetry on sand. Ronon exhales, happy. Killing Wraith is good. This is better.

7. Twitfic: John has gone from sand to snow to sea, traveled a billion miles across the stars, spent a thousand days in an Ancient city, and felt a hundred emotions all to find the one man he never in a million years thought he'd want to be with-and now knows he cant live without.

Xtra twitfic ala Koschka: Ronon looks from 50-ish chieftess to a John bathed in cold sweat. "Cougar?" he repeats Rodney's grinning title.

8. Twitfic"They are known for cheese," Teyla says. Ford grins."Anyone for pizza?" "Cheese?"McKay whines. Sheppard shrugs."It's what our team does." Rodney blinks. Team. He's on a team. It's unexpected, but so is the Major, and that's oddly ok. "I could go for pizza," McKay admits.

9. Twitfic:The alien ship is small, fast, agile. The F302 is like a semi playing tag with a crotchrocket in traffic. McKay, safe on the Apollo, tracks the drone. "It's firing!" Shit. He rolls from the attack, flips, fires. "You got it!" "Copy that."McKay's voice is awed, John's smug.

10. Twitfic: When John told the Athosian kids about Halloween, he never thought it'd catch on given the slim pickings that 1st year. Now it's a tradition. Even Rodney looks forward to it-until John finds the horded mini candybars in his room and makes him hand them out to the kids.

11. Twitfic: They are smaller than pigeons and have scales among feathers, but the birds are drawn to the lofts Radek built on the East Tower *far* from the lab. That's the point; an escape from the chaos. The screeching, however, was disconcerning at first-Rodney's, not the birds.

12. TwitFic: 10 years ago, Rodney never dreamed he'd have the life he does now. A home on Atlantis, married with a kid named Kirk; the only name they could agree on. Athough,really, what other name was as appropriate for a Sheppard-McKay and wouldn't get him beat up on the playground?

13. Twitfic: 2 yrs Carson sits in one cell or another and tells himself today's the day. Today's the day he won't have to help kill the Pegasus humans. He won't have to watch monsters being born. Today's the day. Then, the cell opens on black-clad saviors and the day is finally here.

14. Twitfic: "This the one with the fat guy or the rock?" "Plymouth Rock." How John celebrated his holidays made no sense to Ronon. "And the big bird, not socks with candy.Right?" "Stocking, but, yes, Thanksgiving's the turkey." But anything that involved so much food couldn't be bad.

15. Twitfic: The slums are filthy, the tenants more so. Rodney can all but see the disease that must be breeding among the squalor. A charity mission gone bad, help for poor mistaken as rebel aid. Now his team's only hope is to become as lost as the destitute in the maze of shacks.

16. Twitfic:The shack is stuffy, a fire stoked as thanks-meds traded for tonight's shelter. John takes a mug, smiles. Rodney sniffs, wary. Ronon glares; McKay drinks. A baby coughs. Teyla frowns, worried not only for this child. John wishes for Carson while glad he's not in this mess.

17. Twitfic:The boy is small but lifts Ronon's knife with a bump on the crowded streets. Ronon chases him, weaving among shacks lining the steep road of the slums. When he catches the boy, he has no family,just an alley,his loot...some with royal insignia. The kid could be a way home.

18. Twitfic: The road is steep, winding through shacks. The boy climbs it with ease, leading the team. The kid lives here, the hard dirt often a bed. If anyone knows a way around the guards, it's him. They walk along a ridge til dawn. When they stop, the gate gleams in a valley below.

19. Twitfic:John wakes to fire in his chest, the taste of pennies in his mouth, and the world upsidedown. There had been guards on the gate, gun play, now a view of Ronon's ass. P90s fire-he sees Teyla's boot. Rodney? "Go!"McKay yells. The scene turns liquid blue then drowns in black.

20. Twitfic:Vigil-it's a tired, lonely word Rodney can feel in his bones sitting outside the infirmary awaiting news on John. Then Ronon returns from showering away remnants of blood, next Teyla after Torren is asleep for the night. Solitude turn to team as the minutes turn to hours.

21. Twitfic:Leaden eyelids sliver open."Carson! He's awake!" McKay's voice is lost in fog. John blinks to focus on 3 hovering faces. A soft hand squeezes his."John?" He can't answer her; gags on a tube. "Easy,"Ronon warns. "Carson!"Rodney repeats. He has no words, just smiles at home.

22. Twitfic:John yelps in pain."Gently,"Teyla scolds; keeps watch as her team works. Footsteps echo. "He is here,"she warns,but too late. Carson enters. Rodney & Ronon drop John into a wheelchair: all wide-eyed guilty children. Carson tsks. Teyla tries for a calm smile, fails utterly.

23. Twitfic:McKay ignored gun repair til a clip fell out facing Wraith. Now long arms fold around him;slide parts in place. John still smells of sweat, exhaustion, relic fear, near death. But he feels like a seige won, hope, life...more. McKay watches, learns, eases back, soaks it in.

24. Twitfic: The animal's fluff can't hide sharp spikes. As it humps Teyla's leg, Ronon can't get a clean shot. John worries over the fangs, but one look at McKay shows he's smitten. "Rodney, haven't you heard of tribbles?" Blue eyes implore. "There's a reason everyone loves the ep!"

25. Twitfic:He sits in rubble, staring at what was once a wall- where Melena stood, then died. "Here?"Amelia asks. "Yeah," his eyes on his boots She sits beside him. "Thanks for bringing me." "Yeah?" He worried she wouldn't understand. She does. "Yeah" She leans into him, warm, alive.

26. Twitfic:Woolsey first arrived on Atlantis more bureaucrat than explorer, more concerned for Earth than the expedition. But a lot changed the past year, namely him. Now, staring at the Pacific from a city balcony, his first thought- this is amazing. His second- how do we get home?

27. Twitfic: McKay deems it a pox. Carson rolls eyes and diagnoses hives. John is relieved to hear that-itchy but relieved. He still ends up in isolation. Rodney sits outside the clear tent, cheats at chess, quotes Spock's death speech, & makes John feel better than drugs ever could.

28. Twitfic:It's past midnight when the lab's door slides open. McKay doesn't even notice. No one enters but a toy car races across the floor to bang into his ankle, reverse, then hit again. He looks down to see a remote skid to rest nearby & picks it up. Maybe it is time for a break.

29. Twitfic:The 1st time John&Rodney have sex they're drugged, so totally not gay. The 2nd to confirm the non-gayness,John's fairly sure, at one point he thinks of a chick so technically not gay either. The 3rd&4th times, since first 2 were damn amazing? Yeah, ok, those are pretty gay.

30. Twitfic:"Popcorn.""Nachos.""Chocolate.""Beer." Teyla frowns& Ronon admits"It was more than just beer."Since the Ancient's return to Atlantis they sit nightly, recall things they miss. They never say names of those who left, who made things more. Food's easier to miss than family.

31. Twitfic:"Shit, it's gaining!" McKay yells & actually passes John as they skid down the sloping bedrock. As a kid, John was the type to chase lizards, sure he'd catch one but rarely did. Now if only the same was true for the giant alien reptile chasing *them*, it'd be a fair trade.

32. Twitfic:"Capt Cook,"McKay accuses. "What?"John asks. "He was *cooked*& eaten." John frowns."So?" Fanged sheep claw at the tree; McKay clings to a branch."It's just some people have ironic names." "I'm Sheppard, not shepherd." Sheep growl; McKay glares."Homophones are ironic, too."
33. Twitfic:"Stop!Don't touch it!"McKay guards his wound. His struggle futile;his arm's held firmly in place. "It must come out"he's told. McKay tries to pull away but fails. Torren has tweezers & plucks the splinter free."Got it!" Rodney decides he hates 'take our kids to work' day.

34. Twitfic:In crashes, pilots die with hands fisted so tight on controls the morgue breaks their fingers to ship them home. John told him that. "Pull up, McKay!"John who's ship is not falling from sky. "Oh, good idea!"he snaps,crashes, evidently dies since fingers pry his hands free. "Nice landing."John's voice, his hands rubbing feeling into Rodney's. Alive.Unhurt. "Way to fuck up my jumper."Now he just wishes for death.

35. Twitfic:It's about a girl-most things in John's life are. She has blue eyes,brown silky curls& promptly spits up down the front of his tac vest. The baby coos. John looks desperate. Teyla's grin is evil."You saved her from the bandits,you must carry her." It's going to be a long hike back

36. Twitfic:They'll be dead soon if Rodney can't find a fix. How can he do that surrounded by morons? "I can harness the power,"he thinks aloud. "Then what?" Ronon frowns."Harness it to ride?" Ride?Ideas coalesce-energy fields to lift their dead ship. How do morons bring out his best?

37. Twitfic:John hates trips to Earth-bureaucracy,meetings & sluggish elevators like this one. Then Rodney hits the stop button, grins wickedly, kisses him breathless. John thinks of their hotel room, its king size bed & the week they'll have-alone. Maybe Earth isn't so bad after all.

38. Twitfic:"You two stop or I'm pulling this ship over!" Earth planes are always noisy-engines, wind, alarms. The Jumper,however, flies silent- as long as it's empty. Ronon & McKay's argument stops abruptly at John's threat. Teyla rolls eyes. John wonders when he became a soccer mom.

39. Twitfic:Jeannie stares at a jar of candied citrus rinds. Kaleb say,"I finished off the lemonade. What about the orange oil cleaner?" She has baby-proofed houses before. "Hide it under our bed,"she orders,hands him the jar she holds. "This, too." It's easy compared to Mer-proofing.

40. Twitfic:John hates blood even after all he's seen. Flowing out of one of his own, it fucking terrifies. His red-stained hands take a bandage Teyla offers, press harder. McKay moans. "We're getting you home." Trusting blue eyes hold his. He's never lied to Rodney;he won't start now

41. Twitfic:Ronon paces himself, stays ahead of his team to spring a trap, close enough to help if Rodney goes down completely. His finger rests on the trigger, ready. For years he looked out for himself,did anything to survive. Now he looks out for his team,will do anything for them.

42. Twitfic:McKay learned trust from his team, so in a way, his stabbing is their fault. He'd never have spoke to the man years ago. Trust sucks He trips- John's grip on him tightens, Teyla helps prop him& Ronon clears the path home. He knows they'll save him. Maybe trust isn't so bad  

43. Twitfic:It's late. Teyla step softly once home,strips her gear quietly,exhausted. Kanaan stirs beside their son."How is Rodney?" "Thankfully he will recover."She crawls on the bed with them, wraps arms around sleeping Torren. "How are you?"Kanaan asks. She smiles."Much better now"

44. Twitfic:The photo's old; so is he. 3 men& a woman, guns& gear- heroes. They taught him team,family,love. He's saved Atlantis countless times but this photo of them is his favorite. A gnarled finger traces a face."Isn't she lovely?" A nurse looks."Your mother?" Torren smiles& nods.

45. In honor of being in Hawaii (and for Koschka) today we have an extra long twitterfic from the Geeks & Goons Guides 'verse.
Twitfic:McKay sways in a hammock watching waves. John dips his brush, paints over mint green. He'd almost been stationed in Hawaii, the USAF chose Nellis instead. Ironically,McKay'd been at 51 then, not an hour flight away. Funny how he had no idea then how close he'd been to home He stops his chore,mind on a more pleasant one. He upsets the hammock and Rodney, but settles the latter by settling against him with a kiss

46. Twitfic:"Tell me why we're in this line." McKay rolls eyes at the question. "It's the Batman Retrospective. It's why we came." John grumbles "Fine. But if we miss the Street Fighter panel, I'll be pissed." They say marriage is compromise. Who knew that applied to Comicon as well?

47. Twitfic: Woolsey folds hands on desk, frowns. "I only wished to help-" Woolsey's raised hand cuts Radek off. "Establishing social networking sites for Pegasus natives is not SGC charter, no matter how much they enjoy Tweeting" Best to stop this now else Facebook will surely follow

48. Twitfic:John wakes on a keyboard,lost til McKay asks"Nice nap?" He yawns,"Not like you really need help." "True;I need the Q on your cheek." John peels the key from his face,abashed. "Go to bed,"McKay orders. "When you do."He replaces the Q, stetches. McKay smirks-knowing,grateful

49. Twitfic:"I'm sick and tired of people demanding things of me,"McKay declares. "I'm not doing anything for anyone else today." His team rolls eyes. "Grab some beer, sit down, and shut up,"John orders. "The movie's starting." For some reason, McKay has no problem with those demands.

50. Twitfic:John shakes off a yawn,looks to the three forms asleep by the fire. It was a close call today, Ronon's bleeding didn't want to stop;the graze on his own arm throbs. Soon he'll wake Teyla then sleep himself, dream of reaching the gate. For now he keeps watch over his team.



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