liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

TwitterFics and the Like

Download of daily tweets from my Twitter account @liketheriver1. Fridays are Twitter Fic Friday!

07:12 Today's twitfic for @rob_thurman because she didn't think I could meet her challenge and work Capt. Cook into one. #

07:12 Twitfic:"Capt Cook,"McKay accuses. "What?"John asks. "He was *cooked*& eaten." John frowns."So?" Fanged sheep claw at the tree; McKay clings #

07:13 to a branch."It's just some people have ironic names." "I'm Sheppard, not shepherd." Sheep growl; McKay glares."Homophones are ironic, too." #

07:28 Via @Rob_Thurman now do one with Ren and Stimpy. :>///every ep is like Ren and Stimpy already. #

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