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I am the ultimate answer...

To Life, the Universe, and Everything as I am officially 42 today!  So, I thought I'd share a bit of my vast wisdom with you before the question changes and refer you to some great fics.

First off, sholio recently graduated, and to celebrate, she hosted a Graudation Party Comment Ficathon.  Lots of great little ficlets based on prompts people left over at her LJ, and I submitted one for an AU with Rodney and any other character (hint: I chose John...duh!)  But if you're in the mood for a little gen SteamPunk! SGA go check it out. It's called Fly Me to the Moon.  There's tons of other ficlets, too, both gen and anything goes on her Dreamwidth acct (link is at the LJ post).

Second, today is the kick off for this year's sga_genficathon and yes, I played again this year with a ridiculously ;ong (yet, ironically, appropriate length) fic.  Of course, since the fics are posted anonymously until the reveal, I can't tell you which is mine, but I'll cue you in later when the reveal is made.  In the mean time, we start with the Friendship fics today and the genre changes every day after that.  So, go!  Read! Enjoy!

Finally, I'm very late with this, but thanks so very much for the milk and cookies V gifts left by lwdagreat  and raphe1 .  They make me hungry yet satisfied whenever I look at them!
Tags: fan fiction, real life, stargate atlantis

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