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Master fic list continued


Supernatural Fic (Gen only)


Humpty Dumpty- Missing scene for The Benders


Cowboy UpA run in with a Black Dog has Dean fighting to save Sam's life  and Sam reflecting on it.  Spoilers for anything upto and including Heart.


Three Days Gone- Three key scenes from three key POVs.  Coda for All Hell Breaks Loose.


All the Pretty MaidsWhen Dean and Sam are asked to investigate a series of murders that date back to the 1930s, they aren't sure exactly what they're up against... even after it possesses Sam.


Convenience Store-  Wrong place, wrong time.  Sam and Dean learn that it you don't have to be on a hunt to end up injured.



Star Trek Reboot Fic (Gen only)


Starting Gate- You didn't think everyday would be like their first on Enterprise, did you?

Parent and Child- Trapped on a damaged shuttle with a gravely injured Kirk, Bones and Spock learn a little more about each other, and how much Kirk has known all along.

Sherlock Holmes Movie Fic

Unmade- Missing scene from the movie...because bedside angst and h/c is always the best.



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