liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

Buy a book, get a fic free!

Today is the release date of Chimera, Rob Thurman's new scifi/action/thriller. To celebrate Rob's release week, I'm making you an offer you (hopefully) can't refuse. You buy a copy of Chimera between June 1-7 and I'll write you a fic based on a prompt of your choice. I'll write in any fandom I've written in before (yikes! Check my master fic list for what I've written.) And any genre I typically write. In other words, don't ask me to write a het McKeller SGA fic unless you've bought 20 copies as part of your early Christmas shopping. But a nice gen team fic or a warm little McShep are always welcome prompts. I'll aim for at least 1000 words for the fics (although when have I ever written anything that short?). Just leave me a comment on when and where you bought/ordered the book, along with your prompt, and I'll start cranking out the fics! I'm hoping you guys overload me and buy those books. Win-win all around. Right? *G*

For more release week prizes and excerpts from the book, check out Rob's LJ at . She also has a great little slashy "missing scene" with Zeke and Griffin from her book Trick of the Light posted there, as well.
Tags: fan fiction

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