liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,


So, I've been wanting to make my own icons because I have all this free time...not.   But I see so many great ones and want to try to create them myself but when I do, they can never been read and the quality sucks, etc, etc.  So, does anyone know of a decent icon maker (do they have those???) that is preferably free or comes with good recommendation so that if I buy it I know it will work.  I would also love to try vidding and I have the moviemaker software on my computer but my stupid computer won't read the discs from my DVR or my Season One DVDs so, I'm kind of screwed that way, too.  But I figure if I start with the icons I can always work my way up.

Also, FYI, started a new SGA fic today, probably just a short one but that just means I'll have it up in a few days instead of weeks.

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