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Loudtwitter Fail! Twitterfic Repost

  • So, apparently loudtwitter,which crossposted my tweets to LJ,went bellyup in mid-July, which was when I was in Hawaii and SDCC.  Which means none of my twitterfics posted here (or my con updates.) Sigh.  I'll try to get the con, along with some photos to go with it, up this weekend.  But in the meantime, here are the twitfics that hadn't made it here.  I also found another service that will crosspost tweets, but it won't let me set a time, so I'm not sure when it will actually post.  Why is it never easy?

    Twitfic:John wakes on a keyboard,lost til McKay asks"Nice nap?" He yawns,"Not like you really need help." "True;I need the Q on your cheek." John peels the key from his face,abashed. "Go to bed,"McKay orders. "When you do."He replaces the Q, stetches. McKay smirks-knowing,grateful

    Twitfic: Woolsey folds hands on desk, frowns. "I only wished to help-" Woolsey's raised hand cuts Radek off. "Establishing social networking
    sites for Pegasus natives is not SGC charter, no matter how much they enjoy Tweeting" Best to stop this now else Facebook will surely follow

    Twitfic:"Tell me why we're in this line." McKay rolls eyes at the question. "It's the Batman Retrospective. It's why we came." John grumbles "Fine. But if we miss the Street Fighter panel, I'll be pissed." They say marriage is compromise. Who knew that applied to Comicon as well?

    In honor of being in Hawaii (and for Koschka) today we have an extra long twitterfic from the Geeks & Goons Guides 'verse.
    Twitfic:McKay sways in a hammock watching waves. John dips his brush, paints over mint green. He'd almost been stationed in Hawaii, the USAF chose Nellis instead. Ironically,McKay'd been at 51 then, not an hour flight away. Funny how he had no idea then how close he'd been to home He stops his chore,mind on a more pleasant one. He upsets the hammock and Rodney, but settles the latter by settling against him with a kiss

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