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From Twitter 08-20-2010

  • 06:54:17: Twitfic:John shakes off a yawn,looks to the three forms asleep by the fire. It was a close call today, Ronon's bleeding didn't want to stop;
  • 06:54:47: the graze on his own arm throbs. Soon he'll wake Teyla then sleep himself, dream of reaching the gate. For now he keeps watch over his team.
  • 08:07:40: @jane_connor they did have a rough day, but that's the way we like it. Right? *G* thanks!
  • 13:38:32: Two of the wait staff at fave sushi place got into a argument/shoving match during lunch. But, hey, on the plus side, dinner *and* a show!
  • 15:59:27: Always fills me with giddy joy when a package from @thinkgeek arrives at my door, like today!
  • 16:11:40: @Twit4Flan thanks! So glad you enjoy them. I think next week will actually be a whole year of doing them. Wow!

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