liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

Geeks and Goons Guides and More in PDF

Thanks to the wonderfully generous sea_yeah ,who took it upon herself to convert all my Dictionary Series, Koschka's Geeks and Goons Series, and our cowritten slash Geeks and Goons Guides Series to PDF, and then sent the file to me!  This file has 1000 pages of fic....*1000* pages!  It also contains the little ficlets we wrote exclusively on our LJ.  And I can now offer it to all of you to download.  Be warned, it is a beast at over 4MB, but it is totally cool to have all these fics in one nifty file.  It even has a table of contents!

So, here's the link:  The Geeks and  Goons Guides plus more

It's been uploaded to Google Docs.  If you have any problems accessing it let me know.


(Oh, and I'm working on that thank you fic request, too, sea_yeah )

Tags: fanfic, john sheppard, rodney mckay, slash, stargate atlantis

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