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From Twitter 08-27-2010

  • 09:04:50: It's been a year of twitterfic fridays! To celebrate (&make up for 1 missed week) I have 2 twitfics. 1 angst, 1 humor, both about laundry.
  • 09:05:18: Twitfic1:He drops gear from front door to shower, unbuttons shirt enough to peel it over his head, drops in a heap. No laundry for that one;
  • 09:05:50: it'll never come clean anyway. In the shower he scrubs til pink skin shows thru dried red. Its not his blood; it would be easier if it was.
  • 09:06:20: Twitfic2:Teyla storms in,drops shirts in a pile."I have told you, Rodney, stop slipping your laundry in with mine." "It won't happen again,"
  • 09:06:42: he swears. She glares as she leaves. He sniffs; grins when they're clean. When John & Ronon drop off pants &boxers, he'll be good for a week

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