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FIC: A Moment of Clarity (SGA Slash)

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted an SGA fic other than twitter fic, and this one is prompted by an actual twitter, only it belongs to Joe Flanigan.

# Q: if you could rewrite the ending to SGA, how would you send Shepard off into the sunset?

# A: Ronin and I steal a puddle jumper, pack it with beer, duct tape McKay in the back (tech support) and set up a new series: WraithHunter
# A: WraithBusters

The great thing is the sga_flashfic  actually used it as a challenge. So this is what came out of that prompt, crazy as it it.

Title: A Moment of Clarity written for the [info]sga_flashfic challenge based on Joe Flanigan's twitter as shown above.
humor with a touch of McShep slash
Characters: team
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 3900
Warning: None
Spoilers: anything up through season 5
Author Notes: Yes, it's silly.  I know it's silly, but what could I do with a prompt like that?
Summary:  What Rodney couldn’t remember was how he'd ended up in the back of the Jumper along with stacks of wooden crates, with his wrists and ankles bound by duct tape, his throat sore, and his head pounding.
Tags: fan fiction, john sheppard, rodney mckay, slash, stargate atlantis, team

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